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Message From The Founders

"You cannot hope to build a better world without improving individuals. As we work for our own improvement let us also share a general responsibility for all humanity."

The Mudavadi Memorial Foundation Trust Fund was established in 1997 with the founder members and trustees being the husband-and-wife team of Hon. Wycliffe Musalia Mudavadi and Mrs. Tessie Musalia.

Initially, we responded to the many wants and needs of the various communities through one-on-one donations but with time and with the increasing needs and complexity of the needs of the local people we resolved to come up with a vehicle that would improve and spread out to the rest of Kenya the assistance that was being provided, hence the creation of the Mudavadi Memorial Foundation Trust Fund.

With focus on key areas considered vital to an individual’s development and well-being; Education, Health and Socio-Economic Development. The approaches we employ while initiating and meeting our development goals and improving them where necessary are that the beneficiaries and other key stakeholders get involved in the whole process. We believe that lasting solutions are only realized if the people who need support are party to the determination of solutions to their needs.

"Throughout my public (and private life) my areas of focus on development matters have favoured poverty alleviation programs through improvement of education, provision of health facilities and economic investment programs" Musalia Mudavadi "I liked the idea of setting up a foundation through which we could then set up structures to channel resources and systematically reach it out to people. This has lead to our work being more transparent and thus seeking support from other organisations and individuals to help us achieve our goals has been a lot more attainable. We endeavour to reach out to as many Kenyans as possible and are hopeful that through the foundation and the goodwill we enjoy from so many individuals and organisations this may be fulfilled." Tessie Musalia. It is through this spirit that we humbly invite and appeal to you to partner with us through our foundation in our quest to better the lives of others.

Musalia and Tessie Mudavadi