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A Few Words About The Kenya Kwanza Agenda

The Kenya Kwanza Government’s five-point agenda under "The PLAN" aims at making a decisive break from the business-as-usual economic policies and carry out bold economic reforms in a coherent fashion, to accelerate job creation and leave no Kenyan behind in the empowerment process.
It aims at achieving the following:-

1. Investing at least Sh250 billion in five years effective 2023 to boost Agriculture and food security.

2. Provideing Sh50b annually to provide MSMEs with reliable access to credit.

3. Building e 250,000 new affordable houses every year through public-private partnership.

4. Setting up a settlement fund to acquire land and resettle up to one million landless families.

5. Mandatory national insurance (NHIF).

6. Establishment of new level 6 hospitals in six new sites and hiring an initial 20,000 health care workers.

7. Constructing a 100,000-kilometer fiber optic connectivity network.

8. Bridging current teacher shortage gap within two financial years.

9. Doubling the amount of money allocated to the school feeding programme.

10. Lower cadre officers (sergeant and below) to be given the option of serving in their home counties from age 50.

Pillars of The Kenya Kwanza Agenda

Here is a collection of the main Pillars of the Kenya Kwanza Agenda:

A country’s maturity is measured by how it treats its vulnerable populations. Vulnerable populations – the minorities, youth, women and PWDs – are segments that face perennial

Challenges & Risks